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Having problems with Rubber Disposal Management?

uWouldnft you like to change disposable rubber into reclaimed rubber?v

  Over the last 50 years our company has been making the best use of Reclaimed Rubber Manufacturing Technology and we can process the disposal rubber of your esteemed company into reclaimed rubber. That reclaimed rubber can be re-used as material for other rubber products and in this way be a part of the ideal recycling process.

yThe Process of Recycling Rubberz

yOur Opinionz
  We are sure you will agree that the ideal situation is to create recycled rubber that is the same as the original material used to make the product concerned.

  The reason we recommend that the disposable rubber on being recycled have the same quality as the original ingredient is so that the properties remain the same. Also, depending on the rubber product, there might be a slight difference in the quality of the reclaimed rubber. However, in general, therefs a 90%+ possibility yield. 

  For example, in the case of a compounding ingredient there is a great possibility of oxidizing the reclaimed rubber back to the original rubber.

  There are merits and demerits of reclaimed rubber. However, in order to pursue the possibilities, it is very essential to first carry out certain tests. This is the most important point in connection to recycling.

 Based on those results, if it is impossible to use the reclaimed rubber to make the original product, then we need to check if it can be used to make other products.

In addition, in cases where there are difficulties to reclaimed rubber at onefs Company, or to check if the reclaimed rubber can be used at other companies or vice versa it is important for the rubber companies to form a Rubber Recycle Network to carry out those tests.

yFor those interested in carrying out a testz
For those companies concerned about recycling their waste rubber, please consider the following points and then get in touch with us if you are interested.

@@1.Is separation possible?
@@2.The monthly waste quantity based on different types of rubber.

yTest Examplez
Composition Type
Rubber Type
Vulcanization System
Disposal Amount

Note: Goods that have been used for medical purposes are excluded.

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