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What is Reclaimed Rubber?

yWhat is Reclaimed Rubber?z
  Reclaimed Rubber is vulcanized rubber that has been treated chemically and physically in order to re-enable it to have the same plasticity and adhesive ability as natural rubber.
  At present, because of its better aging and wear and tear resistance and its superior workability efficiency, Reclaimed Rubber is considered an excellent rubber ingredient with a very favorable evaluation that has led to its widespread use.

yReclaimed Rubber = (CheapEPoor Quality) Generationz
  In Japan, from the beginning of the Showa period the industrialization and use of reclaimed rubber has been in place. At the onset of the 2nd World War, crude rubber became a controlled good. Also, due to the difficulties faced in importing crude rubber from overseas, the shortage led to a grave situation domestically.

  Due to the above reasons, crude rubber became a high-valued commodity and to compensate for that there was a big surge in the demand for reclaimed rubber. Thus, at that time reclaimed rubber was only a substitute to make up for the shortage of crude rubber.

  However, at that time, the quality of scrap rubber that was used to make reclaimed rubber was not good and therefore the sudden mass production gave rise to inferior products. Thatfs the reason people had the image that reclaimed rubber is cheap, poor quality rubber.

  On the other hand, during the 1950fs, the domestic production of tires and tubes led to the mass accumulation of scrap rubber. As a result, the manufacture of reclaimed rubber began to gain pace.  

  However, at that time, reclaimed synthetic rubber, especially SBR, was not of the same quality as crude rubber.
yNo longer a (cheapEpoor quality) productz
  At present, we are no longer in an age of product shortage but rather an age where the dramatic progress of manufacturing technology has led to a high-quality product. From being a cheap, poor quality product, reclaimed rubber is now an excellent compounding ingredient and even with the fall in the price of crude rubber, the high evaluation of reclaimed rubber has led to its widespread use.

  Also, concerning synthetic rubber, starting with SBR, EPDM, CR, NBR etc, high quality synthetic rubber is now being manufactured.

yPosition on Recyclingz
  Recently, the issue of industrial waste management is widely taken up with constant demands for recycling. Amongst those demands, the call to recycle home appliances and plastic bottles seems to be the main focus with little attention paid to the recycling of rubber.

  This is because recycled rubber which is rubber that has been recycled has been in existence for a while and therefore lacks the novelty of other products. However, in reality, recycled rubber is the frontrunner when it comes to recycled products.

  Synthetic rubber is made up of the same oil components as plastic and its disposal would have an adverse effect on the environment. Also, although crude rubber is not dangerous to the environment if disposed, such an act is not recommended.

  With an eye to the future, right now is when we have to think seriously about recycling, and in that aspect understanding the features of reclaimed rubber and using it to its maximum ability is of prime importance.