Quality & Environmental Policy

 Daiei Rubber Co, Ltd. Deals with the manufacture and distribution of Reclaimed Rubber along with carrying out processes for the recycling of rubber. Through the above mentioned business activities we have been contributing to society. Since the beginning, we have been focused not only on providing high-quality products for our customers, but have also paid attention to our environmental policy. In addition to that, we have now established a Quality & Environmental Management system to strengthen our efforts in quality production as well as environmental preservation. We abide by the following guidelines.

  1. By improving the quality of our product, extraction rate and lower costs, we aim to improve our customer satisfaction level.

  2. As per the legislation in place, we make sure that our business activities are law-abiding and transparent.

  3. We strive to periodically upgrade the efficiency of our Management System.

  4. Through our business activity, we strive by the following principles in order to provide a high-quality product as well as prevent pollution.

  •  The efficient utilization and reduction of resources and energy.

  • The reduction of Waste material.

  • The development of Reclaimed Rubber Manufacturing Technology.

  • The development of new Customers of reclaimed rubber.

  1. By expanding the sale of reclaimed rubber we strive to reduce waste disposals on a global magnitude.

  2. Our aim is not to be satisfied with old production techniques but rather to strive to upgrade our recycling technology to something even more environmental friendly.

  3. In order to achieve the above mentioned policy, we set up goals, objectives and programs on a regular basis and strive to achieve them.

14th of June, 2003.
Daiei Rubber Co, Ltd.
CEO Masayuki Nishitani.

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