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Flow sheet of the Manufacture of Reclaimed Rubber


  The rubber material is passed through a pulverizing roller machine that reduces it to a powdered state. It makes the post-process handling where reclaiming agents and heat are added in uniformity to produce an efficient powder, simple.
Oil Mixing Process

Additives are then added to the powdered rubber and mixed in a mixer.


 The mixture is then put in a steam pressurized cylinder where it is heated to remove the sulfur. (Although it is called desulfurization, the sulfur is not really removed, but rather the cross-linked parts are cut off and depolymerized.)

 The desulfurized rubber is then passed through a Refiner roller where the powdered rubber is further ground. This gives rubber its plasticity and adhesiveness.

 The product is then passed through a strainer where the unwanted particles are removed by straining through a metal gauze.

 The mixture is then passed through a refiner roll which along with plasticizing the rubber makes it into sheets.


 The sheets of rubber are then passed through Winding machines where they are made into rolls.

Reclaimed Rubber

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